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Doron Raphaeli - Horse Of Passion (2010)

1 - Listen (Intro)
2 - Mongoose Walk
3 - Kalabush
4 - Horse Of Passion
5 - Eden
6 - Shlof
7 - Canada
8 - Morocco
9 - Ken Ve Lo
10 - Debka

All arrangements by the trio


Doron Raphaeli - drums, percussion, vocals
Ran Levy - Bass & vocals
Hod Moshonov - Piano


Avi Leibowitch - trombone (4, 8)
Nitzan Ein Habar - saxophone (8)
Chava Meshasha - vocals (4)
Chen Meir - percussion (3, 4, 6, 8, 10) 

A debut show presenting Israeli, African and Ethnic Latin Jazz original materials from a new released album, "Horse of Passion", created in collaboration with pianist Hod Moshonov and bass player Ran Levi. They will be joined on stage with a fine array of musicians who also participated in the production of this album.
As a young kid Doron Raphaeli was drumming on Bukhari drum and tins mainly in family events, until he discovered the drum-set at the age of fifteen and sticked to it. Composer, arranger, drummer and percussionist, Doron Raphaeli has made a long way. He started playing with youth rock bands while studying in the Academy of Music in Jerusalem, joined an army band and continued his studies in the United States playing with Bobby Enriquez trio and other local Latin Jazz and fusion bands. Back in Israel he was a member of the successful Ethnic Jazz band, Minuet, and the star Salsa-Rock band, Atraf.
In 1997, he established the internationally acclaimed group of drummers, Tararam. As musician and producer he participated in dozens of best-selling albums of Israeli top performers such as Yehuda Poliker, Danny Robas, Miki Gavrielov and Shem-Tov Levi.


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ISCCJMKMB: Ivo Sans Quartet - Yoruba (2014)

No, el título de este post no es un complicado jeroglífico para que te rompas el cráneo intentado deducir su significado. Simplemente son las iniciales del proyecto del baterísta Ivo Sans que os vuelvo a presentar: Ivo Sans Convida César Joaniquet Masa Kamaguchi Marcel.lí Bayer, o sea, ISCCJMKMB.

READ MORE in fotografiandoeljazz

César Joaniquet: saxo tenor
Marcel•lí Bayer: saxo alto
Masa Kamaguchi: contrabajo
Ivo Sans: batería

01. Blues by Lester (Live at Jamboree)
02. Vaca Bird (Live at Jamboree)
03. Panivoca (Live at Jamboree)
04. Mot Mut, Motis Mutis (Live at Jamboree)
05. Yoruba / Sancti Petri (Live at Jamboree)
06. Chica Piscina II (Live at Jamboree)
07. All Out Here (Live at Jamboree)
08. Bikram (Live at Encarnació)
09. What Is Thing Called Love (Live at Encarnació)
10. You Stepped Out of Green Dolphin St. (Live at Encarnació)
11. Blues by Lester (Live at Encarnació)

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Roger Mas Group - Ameba (2014)

El nuevo disco de Roger Mas  ya está aquí de la mano nuevamente de FRESH SOUND NEW TALENT. La nueva banda ROGER MAS GROUP está formada por músicos de lujo y las nuevas composiciones son plenas de intensidad, misterio i meticulosidad. No te pierdas este nuevo evento musical del 2014. READ MORE...

La foto de Roger Mas es cortesía de Roberto Domínguez

Raynald Colom: trumpet
Santi De La Rubia: tenor sax
Roger Mas: piano and compositions
Deejay Foster: double bass
Jo Krause: drums

01. My Deepest Ocean 6:58
02. Iron City 5:26
03. Detmold Warrior 6:32
04. Jafre a la espera 6:05
05. Ameba 8:26
06. Vegetarian Barbecue 4:45
07. Double Fifths 7:38
08. Playground 7:40

Recorded at Auditorium by Miquel Roger Casamada in Jafre, on July 10, 2013
Mixed and Mastered by Miquel Roger Casamada
Produced by Roger Mas
Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol

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Louie Bellson Big Band - Dynamite! 1979

Louie Bellson Big Band  Dynamite! 1979

01 Sambandrea Swing (Don Menza)
02 Deliverence (Bellson)
03 Concord Blues for Blue (Bellson)
04 Cinderella's Waltz (Don Menza)
05 Where Did You Go? (Bellson, Hayes, Lee)
06 Explosion (Matt Catingub)

Dick Spencer (flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone); 
Matt Catingub (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone); 
Phil Edwards (recorder); 
Don Menza, Gordon Goodwin (tenor saxophone); 
Andrew MacKintosh (baritone saxophone); 
Walt Johnson , Nelson Hatt, John Thomas , Ron King, Bobby Shew (trumpet, flugelhorn); 
Dana Hughes, Alan Kaplan, Nick Dimaio, Bob Payne (trombone); 
Frank Collett (piano); 
Jack Arnold (vibraphone, percussion); 
John Chiodini (guitar); 
John Williams (electric bass).
Louie Bellson (leader, drums); 

Recorded: Live at the Concord Jazz Festival, Concord CA August of 1979. 
Label: Concord Jazz [CJ-105] LP 1979; (RE) LP 1989

Thanks to Oldhippierick


Lou Donaldson & Grant Green Cool Blues 1961 (2012)

Lou Donaldson & Grant Green  Cool Blues 1961 (2012)

01 A Foggy Day 6:38
02 Here ’Tis 9:25
03 Cool Blues 6:53
04 Watusi Jump 7:32
05 Walk Wid Me 8:36
06 Misty 8:32
07 Please 6:09
08 Man With A Horn 5:49
09 Prisoner Of Love 5:12
10 Stardust 6:12

Lou Donaldson - alto sax, 
Grant Green - guitar, 
Baby Face Willette - organ on tracks 1-5, 
Dave Bailey - drums on tracks 1-5, 
Brother Jack McDuff - organ on tracks 6-10, 
Joe Dukes - drums on tracks 6-10. 

Recorded: Tracks 1-5 by by Rudy Van Gelder at Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, January 23, 1961. as Lou Donaldson - Here 'Tis  (Blue Note BLP 4066), Recorded: Tracks 6-10 by by Rudy Van Gelder at Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, September 25, 1961. as Lou Donaldson - A Man With A Horn (Blue Note CDP 7243 5 21436-2)

Label: Groove Hut Records [GH 66716] CD (RE, RM) EU 2012
Genre: Soul Jazz

This release presents Lou Donaldson’s complete original LP Here ’Tis on Blue Note [BST84066] LP, which marks the first of his six recording sessions with the brilliant guitarist Grant Green. The group is complemented by organist Baby Face Willette (with whom Donaldson would never record again), and drummer Dave Bailey. Also included here is a complete session recorded by Donaldson and Green shortly after in the same format, but this time with Brother Jack McDuff on organ (with whom the saxophonist would never collaborate again), and Joe Dukes on drums.

Blue Note Session Index: 

Lou Donaldson - Here 'Tis  (Blue Note BLP 4066)
Lou Donaldson (alto saxophone) "Baby Face" Willette (organ) Grant Green (guitar) Dave Bailey (drums)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, January 23, 1961

  tk.1 Watusi Jump
  tk.4 Here 'Tis
  tk.12 Cool Blues
  tk.13 Walk With Me
  tk.16 A Foggy Day

** also issued on Blue Note BST 84066. 

Lou Donaldson - A Man With A Horn (Blue Note CDP 7243 5 21436-2)
Lou Donaldson (alto saxophone) Jack McDuff (organ) Grant Green (guitar) Joe Dukes (drums)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 25, 1961

  tk.2 Please
  tk.11 Prisoner Of Love
  tk.12 The Man With A Horn
  tk.20 Stardust
  tk.21 Misty 



The Art Van Damme Quintet (feat. Joe Pass) - Blue World (1970)

Groovy stuff from this hip jazzy accordion player, and one of his rarest recordings. The set features Van Damme playing with a group that includes Heribert Tusek on vibes, Joe Pass on guitar, and Kenny Clare on drums. The vibes/accordion sound is great, and Art picked a nice batch of material to showcase the sound. 12 numbers in all, including "Blue Lou", "My Kind Of Love", "Too Close For Comfort", "The Song Is You", "The Things We Did Last Summer", "Cheek To Cheek" and "Diane". © 1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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Rafael Rosa - Portrait (2014)

Rafael Rosa is a Puerto Rico-born, New York residing guitarist who has been making a name for himself since arriving in NYC in 2011. His debut album “Portrait” consists entirely of original material and was produced by Rosa along with legendary bassist John Benítez. His line-up of musicians includes a nucleus of Rosa, Edmar Colón, Dan Martínez, Joel Mateo and Carlos Homs with special guests John Benítez, Kenny Werner, Jean-Michel Pilc, Michael Rodríguez, Melanie Lozano, Carlos Maldonado and Milton Barreto. In regards to performance and penmanship, Rosa delivers beautifully with “Portrait”... READ MORE

Rafael Rosa: guitar
Carlos Homs: piano (1-4, 6, 8)
Edmar Colon: saxophones: (1-5, 7-8)
Joel Mateo: drums (1-4, 6-9)
John Benitez: bass (1-4)
Carlos Maldonado: barril (1)
Melanie Lozano: vocals (3-4)
Michael Rodriguez: trumpet (6)
Dan Martinez: bass (6-9)
Jean Michel Pilc: piano (7)
Kenny Werner: piano (9)
Milton Barreto: saxophone (9)

1. Bomba Oscura
2. Sky Floor
3. Portrait: Wandering Magic
4. Portrait: Of a Woman
5. Portrait: Among the Clouds
6. New Recruit
7. Pensando en Agua
8. Devotion
9. Looking For

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Kristian Borring - Urban Novel (2014)

Danish guitarist Kristian Borring has been described as a musician that has “a hyper-cool approach to jazz guitar” and hyper-cool is what this new album is… For his debut album on Jellymould Kristian has written a collection of eight compositions inspired by the cityscape. Urban Novel is a personal homage to life in the metropolis – from the cool swinging opener of Hipster to the laid back feel of Arcade Coffee Shop to the intense, frantic vibe of Hiden Corners the album has a strong sense of melody throughout, set in a contemporary ‘soundscape’. To realise these compositions Borring has assembled some of the UK’s most exciting jazz musicians. Jim Hart is fast gaining a reputation as one of the finest exponents of jazz vibraphone in the world with three of his own albums, projects with Stan Sulzmann, Alan Barnes, Paul Clarvis and Ivo Neame... READ MORE

Kristian Borring: guitar
Arthur Lea: piano
Mick Coady: bass
Jon Scott: drums
Jim Hart: vibes (1, 3, 6, 8)

1. Hipster
2. Equilibrium
3. (Kasper) In Darkness
4. Arcade Coffee Shop
5. Urban Novel
6. Number Junky
7. Hidden Corners
8. Weltall

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Yaron Herman - Alter Ego (2012)

Recommended album :-)

01. Atlas and Axis 04:08
02. Mojo 05:26
03. Heart Break Through 04:12
04. Your Eyes 02:59
05. La confusion sexuelle des papillons 05:57
06. Ukol?bavka/ Wiegenlied 02:57
07. From Afar 02:13
08. Sunbath 02:09
09. Homemade 05:19
10. Hatikva 03:40
11. Mechanical Brothers 01:31
12. Madeleine 08:15
13. Kaos 02:13

Yaron Herman - piano
Emile Parisien - tenor & soprano saxophone
Logan Richardson - alto saxophone
Stephane Kerecki - bass
Ziv Ravitz - drums

There is a new wave of musicians in the jazz world right now who are really taking the art-form to new levels, a deep statement considering how much territory has been searched and embedded into stone in the genre’s medium. Among the most exciting and forward thinking is Israeli born pianist and composer Yaron Herman. Born in Tel Aviv, his reputation has grown considerably since his studies at the prestigious Berklee School of Music. When I first heard what Yaron Herman was doing with jazz, I couldn’t help but think of Keith Jarrett and McCoy Tyner and the phrasing, voice and technique the two become so well respected for. You really hear how delicate or forceful the lyrical style of Yaron is and how much it resonates long after each note is played.
Many of his compositions take on a slight sense of exploration, grabbing a hold of other traditions of sound and infusing them into his European approach to jazz in a way that gives him that soulful touch that is missing from a lot of jazz today. This year marks the release of Yaron Herman’s latest album and his most accomplished outing Alter Ego on the German based label ACT Music + Vision. Where past records of Yaron’s included pop covers and songs of that nature, it’s a beautiful reality to see Yaron and his quartet dive head first into some deeper and more spiritual states of the jazz idiom.
Alter Ego shows the technical prowess and accomplished song writing ability of Yaron Herman in a light never realized before. The piano becomes a center of weight and emotional vibrancy as the rhythm section and brass instrumentation add an array of color and dynamics around him. Yaron commands each piano stroke as if it was his last and it was probably surreal to see these songs were captured in the studio by the five piece that created Alter Ego. 13 tracks and 50 minutes in length, Alter Ego is a deep experience that brings jazz back to its original conception, design and purpose. The best jazz record this year. 


I’ve reviewed two Yaron Herman albums previously, both of them trio discs, and enjoyed both. But this one really leaps from the speakers with an increased confidence and passion, so maybe Herman’s alter ego is his livelier side.
It’s certainly his more expansive side with the band increased to a quartet. The saxophonist is either Emile Parisien on tenor and soprano or Logan Richardson on alto, while Stephane Kerecki is on bass and Ziv Ravitz is the drummer.
The intro to the opener, Atlas And Axis, may be a delicately phrased solo piano one, but soon Parisien’s tenor is expressing the head, and bass and drums are roaming behind to settle into a slow and steady build as the band grows more intense with each passing bar. The solos are short and thrown back and forth between piano and saxophone, and both have rich harmonic material in which to luxuriate.
Herman says this album is an attempt to get back to the foundations of his music and back into what is in his heart. And there is a lot of heart in this music. It brings a passion to the often exacting, almost mathematical nature of some of the constructions.
Some tracks, like Mojo and Homemade, have a fervent lyricism allied to great drive that reminds me of another musician who started out in Israel, Avishai Cohen, and that signifies a great thumbs up in this jazz kitchen. Your Eyes might be a more formal and quieter composition but it has as similar melodic delight in its yearning theme.
La Confusion Sexuelle Des Papillons is a prime example of how Herman blends both that melodic heart and the exacting head in a most successful synthesis. With the bass pulse strong, Ravitz throwing all kinds of different rhythmic accents the cymbals’ way, and Herman rising to a sing-along climax in his solo, there is great momentum here, and an absolutely exquisite reining in by Parisien on soprano leading to a perfect, quiet last few piano notes.
Most of the tunes are originals but when Herman chooses covers they are beauties. Like the pair of pieces by the Czech classical composers Gideon Klein, who, Wikipedia informs me, organised the cultural life in the Theresieenstadt concentration camp, and Hatikva, by the Moldavian who went on to compose the Israeli national anthem, Samuel Cohen.
Many of the tracks are quite short and richly varied in mood, so, as I have written of a previous Herman CD, the time seems to fly – that’s what happens when both band and listener are enjoying themselves.
A fine album indeed, and a great leap forward by an increasingly important pianist and composer. 


Fred Hersch Trio - Floating (2014)

01 You and the Night and the Music
02 Floating
03 West Virginia Rose
04 Home Fried
05 Far Away
06 Arcata
07 Speech to the Sea
08 Autumn Haze
09 If Ever I Would Leave You
10 Lets Cool One

Fred Hersch ׀ piano
John Hebert ׀ bass
Eric McPherson ׀ drums

Released July 8 , 2014 

THANKS TO Nicolobo :-)
also to AGABEN for the previous version :-)


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Exquisita nueva entrega de nuestro amigo Ronaldo Albenzio. En esta ocasión con un gran recuerdo a Horace Silver, rey del Hard Bop, recientemente fallecido. Otros grandes músicos acompañan la edición radiofónica de hoy.



de la mano de


Todos los Domingos a las 19:00h. (hora Brasil)

(clicke aquí)

Lena Bloch - Feathery (2014)

The acclaimed tenor saxophonist Lena Bloch, a Russian émigré who currently resides in Brooklyn... READ MORE

Lena Bloch: tenor saxophone
Dave Miller: guitar
Cameron Brown: bass
Billy Mintz: drums

01 Hi-Lee
02 Rubato
03 Baby Suite
04 Starry-Eyed
05 Marshmallow
06 Farewell To Arms
07 Featherbed
08 Beautiful You
09 Hi-Lee Reprise

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Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)

01. Winter (04:53)
02. Somewhere (05:43)
03. The Moon Has Gone (06:15)
04. Woody (06:39)
05. Nightlights (07:43)
06. 4-4-13 (04:38)
07. Remember (06:42)
08. Pat (06:16)
09. Unity Village (04:34)
10. Reflections (04:52)
11. Since I've Met You (05:14)

Tomer Bar - Piano, Keyboards
Atcha Bar - Electric, Acoustic And Classic Guitars (Except 3, 6, 9, 10)
Zur Ben Zeev - Bass (Except 3, 10)
Aviv Cohen - Drums (Except 10)
Ilan Katchka - Percussion (1, 2, 4, 8)
Guy Levi - Bass (3)
Yaron Ozana - Trombone (5, 6)
Arie Burshtein - Vocal (8)
Roni Eitan - Harmonica (10)
Omri Barel : Slide Guitar (11) 

Born in 1994, Tomer Bar has already published 3 albums as a jazz composer, pianist, and singer. His first album, "Memories" (2007) with bassist Yorai Oron and drummer Eitan Itzkovitz, two of the most busy musicians in israel, interduced Tomer, with 7 original "straight ahead" jazz compositions. "Reflections" (2009), his second album, (Aviv Cohen - Drums, Zur Ben Ze'ev - Bass, and other guests) featured Tomer as a fusion - jazz composer and pianist, with a musical production (by Atcha Bar) influenced by Pat metheny. His third album, "Ani Shafan Blues", interduced Tomer as a jazz - pop singer/songwriter.

Throughout the work on those projects and between, Tomer has performed as a leader on "Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival" (2009), "Givataim Festijazz" (2011), twice on "Israel Festival" (2007, 2010), and played with top israeli musicians as Daniel Zamir, Gilad Abro, Assaf Hakimi, Yaki Levi, Daniel Salomon, Mika Karni and More...

Nowadays Tomer works on his 4th album, produced by Eli Degibri.


Billy Mintz - Mintz Quartet (2013)

Thirteenth Note Records is pleased to announce the release of drummer Billy Mintz’s debut CD, entitled simply Mintz Quartet. Read More...

John Gross: tenor saxophone
Roberta Piket: piano, organ (and vcl on track 4)
Putter Smith: bass
Billy Mintz: drums, percussion, compositions

01. Beautiful You
02. Flight
03. Dit
04. Destiny
05. Haunted
06. Shmear
07. Cannonball
08. Beautiful
09. Ugly Beautiful
10. Relent
11. Retribution
12. After Retribution

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Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow - Conversations with a Goose (1996)

Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, and Steve Swallow had reunited four years prior to this recording session before a live and very enthusiastic audience... Read More

Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone – Jimmy Giuffre
Composed By – Jimmy Giuffre (tracks: 1, 3 to 5, 7 to 13), Paul Bley (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 9, 11 to 13), Steve Swallow (tracks: 1, 3 to 7, 9, 11 to 13)
Cover [Cover Art] – Maria Bonandrini
Electric Bass – Steve Swallow
Engineer – Paolo Falascone
Liner Notes – Bob Blumenthal
Mastered By – Gennaro Carone
Photography By [Cover] – Elena Carminati
Piano – Paul Bley
Producer – Giovanni Bonandrini

Recorded on May 27, 1993 and mixed on August 31, 1993 at Mu Rec Studio, Milano 
Mastered at PhonoComp, Tribano - Milano

01. Conversations With A Goose 5:10
02. The Flock Is In 1:58
03. Echo Through The Canyon 0:46
04. Three Ducks 1:06
05. Watchin' The River 5:18
06. Campfire 2:46
07. Cobra 10:11
08. Among The High Rocks 1:44
09. White Peaks 5:26
10. Calls In The Night 6:10
11. Lonely Days 5:40
12. Jungle Critters 8:31
13. Restless 3:54

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Stanton Moore - Conversations (2014)

Stanton Moore calls Conversations, his first straight-ahead jazz trio album, both “a return to my roots and a reinvention." The collection signifies “a return” to Moore's roots as he finally gets the opportunity to record with pianist David Torkanowsky and bassist James Singleton whom he came up playing alongside on the New Orleans club circuit. It's “a reinvention” because after years of delivering huge grooves and unrelenting funk at some of the world’s most revered rock clubs and festivals, Moore is stepping back to focus on the subtlety of swing and improvisation, while presenting the music at intimate venues like that of his jazz trio's home-base, Snug Harbor. As for the album's title, one listen and it's clear: there's a vigorous musical dialogue happening among the three musicians as they share stories, explore ideas and trade thought on tracks like "Lauren Z," "Big Greaze" and the Herbie Hancock classic "Driftin." The Big Easy is always close at hand with the majority of the album's repertoire being drawn from New Orleans composers, including James Black ("Magnolia Triangle" and "In The Keyhole"), Steve Masakowski ("The Chase") and Paul Barbarin (“Paul Barbarin's Second Line”). With Conversations, Stanton Moore shines a light on a side of his musical personality that will be new to fans, but every bit as compelling as the substantial body of work he's established over the course of his 20-year career.

David Torkanowsky: piano
James Singleton: bass
Stanton Moore: drums

1. Lauren Z
02. Carnival
03. Driftin’
04. Magnolia Triangle
05. Waltz For All Souls
06. Tchefunkta
07. The Chase
08. Big Greaze
09. In The Keyhole
10. Paul Barbarin’s Second Line
11. Prayer

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins