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Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Four (2014)

Label: OA2 Records

"The third installment in the exciting and energetic Bicoastal Collective’s oeuvre, simply entitled Chapter Three, maintains the same combination of memorable compositions and engaging improvisations that characterized the first two records. Co-led by Antigonish (Nova Scotia)-based trumpeter Paul Tynan and San Franciscan baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington, the sextet works through six originals, each with its own unique flavor, yet all solidly in the mainstream post-bop tradition. The high point of this delightful album is the cinematic, Tynan-penned “Painting.” This intriguing piece, filled with dark, lilting tones and subtle, Eastern accents, demonstrates the camaraderie between the ensemble members, as well as their prowess as soloists. Tynan’s clean mellow horn radiates nocturnesque vibes, especially when buoyed by the electrical and ethereal pairing of guitar and Fender Rhodes. Vancouver-born and Cleveland-settled Ashley Summers’ lyrical and sinewy bass brings a mystical element to the tune. Meanwhile, Lington’s mordant and intricate baritone flirts with freer styles.
Lington’s own bluesy “Folklike” features Chicagoan Dan Murphy’s soulful and gritty keys and Salt Lake City native Corey Christensen’s tight, Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar. Tynan’s burnished trumpet blows over the simmering rhythms like a cool breeze. Christensen brings a strong sense of soulful harmony to the atmospheric “Tgok,” while Murphy’s bright and shimmering Fender Rhodes help enhance the fusion-esque groove of this hypnotic ballad. Murphy’s tight and intricate solo on the spirited “Stat” unfolds over fellow Chicago denizen Jon Deitemyer’s galvanizing drum work.
Deitemyer exhibits his elegant and reserved touch with the quiet whispers of the brushes on Lington’s languid “Emergence,” anchoring the group’s orchestral sounds. Elsewhere Lington’s mellifluous and sophisticated baritone on his, vaguely Latin “Zephyr” enhances the romantic mood set by Summers’ deeply passionate and resonant pizzicato notes. This stimulating disc strikes a satisfying a balance between accessibility and innovation".
                                                                                                                - Hrayr Attarian, -

1. Un Petit Peu de Gras 8:28
2. Nostalgic 9:55
3. L's Groove 8:21
4. Woodside 9:56
5. Lower Sackville Blues 6:49
6. Pipe Down 8:43
7. Metaphor 5:44

Paul Tynan trumpet, flugelhorn
Aaron Lington  baritone sax
Jake Hanlon guitar
Tony Genge Hammond B3 organ
Terry O'Mahoney drums


Ahmad Jamal featuring Yusef Lateef - Live at the Olympia (June 27, 2012) 2014

Source: qobuz

C'est une profonde amitié qui unissait ces deux musiciens exceptionnels. Tous les deux ont choisi de changer leurs noms afin de correspondre à leur inclinaison spirituelle et de la revendiquer haut et fort leur appartenance à la religion musulmane. Tous les deux sont des magiciens, à la recherche du sublime, là où on ne les attend pas forcément, à l'écoute du monde. Ce rendez-vous en public à l'Olympia a longtemps été prémédité, sur un répertoire d'originaux et de standards, il tient toutes ses promesses. Magnifiquement bien capté, ce disque a quelque chose en plus qu'un enregistrement studio n'aurait pu retransmettre, de l'ordre de la prise de risque, de l'équilibre tangible de deux funambules de la musique. Un grand disque et le dernier signe d'un alchimiste, Yusef Lateef, le doigt levé vers le ciel pour interpeler les esprits. JMP©Qobuz

1  Autumn Rain (Live) 00:08:15
2  Blue Moon (Live) 00:08:32
3  The Gypsy (Live) 00:04:07
4  Invitation (Live) 00:11:12
5  I Remember Italy (Live) 00:07:42
6  Laura (Live) 00:05:00
7  Morning Mist (Live) 00:08:21
8  This Is The Life (Live) 00:10:17

1  Exatogi (Live) 00:13:36
2  Masara (Live) 00:06:30
3  Trouble In Mind (Live) 00:03:44
4  Brother Hold Your Light (Live) 00:05:56
5  Blue Moon (encore) (Live) 00:03:37

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


C'est une profonde amitié qui unissait ces deux musiciens exceptionnels que sont Ahmad Jamal et Yusef Lateef. Tous les deux ont choisit de changer leurs noms afin de correspondre à leur inclinaison spirituelle et la revendiquer haut et fort, la religion musulmane. Tous les deux sont des magiciens, à la recherche du sublime, là où on ne les attend pas forcément, à l'écoute du monde. 12 juin 2012 : ce rendez-vous parisien en public à l'Olympia a longtemps été prémédité, sur un répertoire d'originaux et de standards. Et il tient toutes ses promesses. Magnifiquement bien capté, ce disque édité par Jazz Village a quelque chose en plus qu'un enregistrement studio n'aurait pu retransmettre, de l'ordre de la prise de risque, de l'équilibre tangible de deux funambules de la musique. Un grand album et le dernier signe d'un alchimiste, Yusef Lateef, le doigt levé vers le ciel pour interpeler les esprits... Un an plus tôt, en août 2011, les deux musiciens américains s'étaient retrouvés sur la scène de Jazz in Marciac:

Stefano Bollani - Live At Casa Del Jazz (2006)

1) Eravamo un Manipolo di Eroi 7:15
2) Elena e il Suo Violino 10:14
3) Morph the Cat 6:33
4) La Puerta 5:36
5) Logorio della Vita Moderna 8:42
6) All the Things You Are 9:52
7) Moonlight Serenade 8:17
8) Puttin' On the Ritz 5:25
9) Copacabana 2:10

Stefano Bollani (p), 
Ares Tavolazzi (bass), 
Walter Paoli (drums).

Recorded Live at Teatro Lauro Rossi, Macerata 2006, April 24,
mixed at Casa del Jazz, Rome 2006, April 25


The Whammies - Play The Music Of Steve Lacy Vol.3 (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz

The third volume of Steve Lacy dedications by the cover/not cover band The Whammies is a live recording from their 2014 tour. Recorded in Italy and Austria, the band performs their self-described "instant-arranging" of mostly Lacy tunes that in true-to-form fashion elicit surprise and clever improvisation.
Saxophonist Steve Lacy, who passed away in 2004, would certainly be pleased.
This international band led by Dutch saxophonist Jorrit Dijkstra and Greek-born Boston-based pianist Pandelis Karayorgis keep the flame of his music burning, much like Lacy did in the 1960s for Thelonious Monk, in the band School Days that he co-led with trombonist Roswell Rudd and in his many solo soprano saxophone dates. The sextet is completed by Chicago musicians Jeb Bishop (trombone) and Jason Roebke (bass) and Dutch musicians Mary Oliver (violin/viola) and drummer Han Bennink. Read more...

Jorrit Dijkstra - alto sax, lyricon
Pandelis Karayorgis - piano
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Mary Oliver - violin, viola
Jason Roebke - bass
Han Bennink - drums


Eddy Palermo Trio - Eddy Palermo Trio (2010)

Nato a Roma il 10 giugno 1956, ha cominciato a suonare la chitarra all'età di dieci anni come autodidatta ed é considerato uno dei più importanti riferimenti per la chitarra jazz in italia. Nel 1979 entra a far parte del " Centro Jazz St. Louis" come insegnante di chitarra jazz e da quel momento inizia la sua attività di professionista nei club della capitale accanto ad alcuni dei jazzisti più in vista. Nel 1980 partecipa alla rassegna internazionale "Ischia '80" con un concerto per chitarra sola. Nel 1981 incide il suo primo LP dal titolo "The Way ISee".

Mentre si intensifica la sua attività a livello nazionale, inizia in questo periodo anche una collaborazione concertistica con musicisti d'oltre oceano come Chet Baker e Billy Smith. Nel 1982 partercipa ad "Umbria Jazz" con il suo trio ed il "Festival Internazionale di Jazz" di Istambul con Romano Mussolini. Nello stesso anno incide il suo secondo disco dal titolo "Ganimede". Nel 1983 entra a far parte del gruppo di Nunzio Rotondo, con il quale partecipa ad alcune trasmissioni televisive. Sempre nel 1983 si verificano due collaborazioni molto importanti con Jim Hall e con il sassofonista David Samborn.

Nel 1984 partecipa a "Umbria Jazz" con la propria formazione alla quale si aggiunge come ospite il percussionista Ray Mantilla. Le sue esperienze si allargano stilisticamente al campo della musica brasiliana, mentre si accentua la sua predisposizione alla composizione. Nel 1985 è di nuovo ad "Umbria Jazz" con Nunzio Rotondo ed incide il suo trezo LP dal titolo "Jazz Fusion Mood".

Nello stesso anno partecipa al Festival Jazz di Messina. Nel 1987, le collaborazioni con il tenorista George Garzone ed il trombettista Jimmy Owens. 
Ma l'incontro più significativo è quello che avrà nel 1988 con Joe Pass che lo chiama a suonare come ospite nel corso di alcuni concerti in un club romano. Traendo ispirazione da questo grande virtuoso della chitarra jazz, il talento di Eddy Palermo si orienta sempre più verso il "solo guitar".

Insegna per alcuni anni all'Università della Musica di Roma. Nel 1990 inizia una collaborazione con Augusto Martelli, con il quale partecipa ad alcune trasmissioni televisive e ad alcuni concerti. Nel 1992 incide un CD intitolato "The song is you".

Nel 1995 partecipa a "Jazz Image", la nota rassegna Jazz a Romana, con il gruppo di George Coleman. Anche nel 1996 partecipa a "Jazz Image" suonando con il chitarrista Bucky Pizzarelli. Nella stagione 96-97 collabora per la RAI ad una serie di trasmissioni condotte da Antonio Lubrano.

Nel 1997 incide per la Panasstudio "Eddy Palermo Trio". Dal 98 la sua attività si allarga in brasile dove oltre ad una serie di concerti per chitarra solo ha occasione di collaborare con musicisti affermati come Nico Assum‚âo Sizâo Machado, Jesè Roberto Bertrami (Azimut) Mauricio Einhor (Batita Diferente, Estamos Ai) ed altri. Il suo nome figura alla pagina 1096 della grande Enciclopedia del Jazz, Ed. Curcio, 1982.

Nel 2002 partecipa ad un piccolo tour negli USA che lo porta a suonare al "Festival del Jazz in Huston". Sempre nello stesso anno prtecipa a "Jazz Image in Roma".

1. This Is Your Song
2. Like Someone In Love
3. Blue For Joe (Concept 1)
4. I Love You
5. Samba da Vizinha
6. Nuages
7. Blues for Joe (Concept 2)
8. Ciumachella de Trastevere

Eddy Palermo - Guitar
Francesco Puglisi - Acoustic Bass
Giampaolo Ascolese - Drums

Featuring on "Samba da Vizinha"
Cicci Santucci - Flugelhorn
Riccardo Biseo - Keyboard

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


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Gran dedicación, responsabilidad y mucha pasión. RONALDO ALBENZIO es mucho más que el productor, director y presentador de JAZZ by JAZZ, lleva esta nuestra música en su corazón, en el alma, en su sangre.

El próximo día 22 de AGOSTO su mimada criatura cumple 13 años, muchos años de emisiones, de momentos inolvidables, de muy buena y variada música.

Para conmemorar estos 13 AÑOS ininterrumpidos de JAZZ by JAZZ, RONALDO ALBENZIO ha organizado para el próximo VIERNES 22 de AGOSTO una JAM SESSION a cargo del QUINTETO GIORDANO PAGOTTI.

No se pierdan el magnífico espectáculo el 22 de AGOSTO



20:00 h. (HORA BRASIL)






Frederic Borey & Yoann Loustalot - Lucky Dog (2014)

‘The musicality and the "introvert generosity" of Loustalot and the frank and sophisticated lyric
of Borey harmonize marvelously with this sort of grumbling virtuosity of clock of farm, which returns inimitable Yoni Zelnik, and the sharpness(delicacy) Fred Pasqua who allows him to play completely his polyrhythmic science without bothering the band‘.
Blog Jazzmag-Jazzman / Franck Bergerot 
‘These four musicians need by no means harmonious instrument
to support their music. They occupy the spaces of subtle compositions
and convenient to the improvisation without saturating the atmospheres which they sketch
with delicacy and imagination. It is a very good album ! ‘
Culture Jazz / Thierry Giard

01. The Real All of Me (4:37)
02. Pass’ Crap (4:46)
03. Lucky Dog (7:57)
04. Peaceful Time (3:19)
05. Jacky’s Method (4:29)
06. Yonisation (4:49)
07. Interférences (6:21)
08. Sinless (7:11)
09. Involved (6:25)
10. Etrange Ligne (6:32)


Frédéric Borey (tenor sax)
Yoann Loustalot (trumpet, flugelhorn on #8)
Yoni Zelnik (bass)
Fréderic Pasqua (drums)


Steve Wilson / Lewis Nash - Duologue (2014)

It's inspiring that there's still a few doors open to musos that just want to do something simple, elegant and daring. This is a drum/sax face off by 2 pros that don't have to but can carry the load by themselves. And they do it in that special way where they compliment and support each other when not just tearing it up with more vivre than they should have. Squeezing this duo thing in since the turn of the century when their ‘day jobs' will let them, the simpatico has only deepened over the years and the opening notes of "Caravan" will amazingly tell you all you need to know about their musical telepathy. It might be a sitting down jazz date throughout but you don't have to be a Sunday afternoon egghead to dig it. Hell, it'll even get said eggheads swinging to it. Well done.

01. Caravan
02. The Mooche
03. RCJG
04. Monk Medley Part 1 (Ask Me Now, Evidence)
05. Row Twelve
06. Black Gold
07. Jitterbug Waltz
08. Freedom Jazz Dance
09. Monk Medley Part 2 (Bright Mississippi, Four In One)
10. Happy House
11. Woody 'N' You

Steve Wilson: saxophone
Lewis Nash: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Akiko - Commencement (2014)

My name is Akiko Tsuruga, a jazz Hammond B3 organist who is seeking your support for my new project. Excitedly, I've launched my own label. For the purpose of releasing my new CD, I need your support to make this happen.

About Akiko
If you haven't heard of me before or don't know me well, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore some new music.I started playing the organ at the age of 3 and, in a Christian family, was influenced by church music. After graduating from Osaka College of Music, my career as a jazz organist started immediately. I immigrated into NYC in 2001 and have been blessed with so many celebrated music artists such as Lou Donaldson, Grady Tate, Dr. Lonnie Smith,  Frank Wess, Bernard 'Pretty' Prudie and Jimmy Cobb. I have been playing Hammond B3 Organ in Lou Donaldson's Quartet since 2007. He has taken me to all over the world (Europe, Asia including jazz clubs and jazz festivals in the United States). Meanwhile, my own band has headlined many well-known jazz venues as Vail Jazz Festival, Blue Note, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola in Jazz at Lincoln Center.

For more information, please check out my website

01. Blues for Bandit 5:18
02. Funky Girl 5:08
03. When Johnny Comes Marching Home 5:14
04. How Deep Is Your Love 5:54
05. Give Me the Simple Life 5:11
06. Spanish Flea 4:41
07. It's Easy to Remember 6:15
08. L-O-V-E 6:12
09. Don't Misunderstand 6:09
10. Commencement 6:54

Akiko (Hammond B3 organ)
John Heart (guitar)
Jeff Hamilton (drums)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Eric Reed - The Adventurous Monk (2014)

Philadelphia-born pianist Eric Reed gained exposure as a teenager with Wynton Marsalis, and has since worked with stars as diverse as Benny Carter and Cassandra Wilson. Now – at 43 – he is a well-established soloist with over a dozen recordings as a leader under his belt.

The Adventurous Monk is Reed’s third Thelonious Monk-related CD. 2011 saw the release of “The Dancing Monk”, and “The Baddest Monk” followed a year later. The most recent album is dedicated to the life and legacy of Cedar Walton - who died shortly before its recording – and is the first of the three not to feature at least one “original” by Reed.

Thelonious sets off at a blistering pace, and the leader, accompanied by bassist Ben Williams and Gregory Hutchinson at the drums, typically approaches the tune from an oblique angle. Seamus Blake enters slyly on tenor saxophone, like he’s inveigled his way onto the stage to sit in on someone else’s gig. He produces a blustery solo, after which there seems to be a few moments’ indecision followed by a passage for bass and drums. Then it just finishes without a conclusion; very strange.

Blake is much more trenchant and coherent on the next track, Work, but he appears on only one other piece, the rarely-heard Gallop’s Gallop (which is even better, due to Hutchinson’s razor-sharp contribution). Despite the saxophonist’s technical mastery and occasional nods to Charlie Rouse, he sounds out of place and the tracks without him are generally more successful.

Seven of the ten pieces are under five minutes long. This encourages focus, but the incisive pianist is not above quotations and throws in bits of “Isotope”, “On the Street Where You Live” and Monk’s own “Misterioso” along the way.

If something new is to be brought to such an iconic body of work, one wonders how it might be achieved without tinkering and introducing gimmicks. Reed does both of those things to a degree, and some attempts are more successful than others. On the whole, the melodies and harmonies are retained, and the alterations are to the rhythms. Much of the jagged weight of Evidence is lost, but the straight-time sections in the middle are so magnificent that you’d forgive anything. Nutty is given a loose Latin feel, and Pannonica is turned into a kind of rumba. It takes a bit of getting used to, but, with perseverance, works well.

Reed has included ‘Round Midnight – perhaps the most frequently-played of all Monk compositions - on all three related albums. The theme is shared by piano and bass, which is a nice idea, and the carefully-chosen notes skirt around the chords. Dear Ruby - the vocal version of Ruby, My Dear, with lyrics by Sally Swisher - is sung with deep feeling and accuracy by Charenee Wade.

The closing Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-Are starts with terrific drum work over a walking bass. The tune’s only hinted at during a great piano solo, but the very ending – after the melody is finally stated - is marred by unnecessary fiddling that would have benefited from the editor’s knife.

Regardless of its quirks and mis-fires, The Adventurous Monk is extremely good without being particularly adventurous. Reed’s playing is shot through with conviction and dynamism, and you feel as if he’d be happy playing nothing but this material for the rest of his life.

01. Thelonious
02. Work
03. Reflections
04. Evidence
05. Round Midnight
06. Nutty
07. Gallop's Gallop
08. Pannonica
09. Dear Ruby
10. Ba-lues Bolivar Ba-lues-are

Eric Reed (piano)
Seamus Blake (tenor sax)
Ben Williams (double bass)
Gregory Hutchinson (drums)
Charenee Wade (vocals in “Dear Ruby”)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Robert Burke With Kenny Werner - Do True (2014)

Source: Robert Burke
Label: Jazzhead

"The idea of recording my own CD in New York was conceived in early 2013, but has been an aspiration since my early formative years of playing music. Over the last 30 years of my professional playing life, I had enjoyed developing artistic relationships with fantastic local musicians resulting in many CD recordings and performances nationally and Internationally, but I felt it was now time to collaborate with international artists that would further develop my creative scope outside ‘my village’, and a deeper understanding of music in a global sense of music-making.
The recording came to fruition with the help of Dave Schroeder (director of Jazz at NYU), who organised the recording studio engineer (Paul Wickliffe) and introduced me to brilliant New York jazz pianist Kenny Werner. Kenny and I discussed the rhythm section needed for the recording and suggested musicians that he had a strong rapport with: Johannes Weidenmueller and Richie Barshay - an empathy that is evident in this recording. The repertoire selected is a combination of Kenny Werner’s and my compositions and a beautiful tune composed by Paul Grabowsky".
                                                                                                                                            Robert Burke

1. Do True 07:02
2. Valse 07:06
3. Shivaya 06:18
4. The Prize 07:47
5. Angel 07:11   
6. Georgia James 06:50
7. Keeper of Dreams 07:01
8. Pratology 06:34
9. Gerakan 08:14


Robert Burke - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet
Kenny Werner - Piano
Johannes Weidenmueller - Bass
Richie Barshay - Drums


Francesco Cafiso - Live At Casa Del Jazz, Rome (2006)

What a talented sax player !!!
i love his playing since he was a teen ager
and till these days when he matured.
enjoy :-)

1) Sweet Georgia Brown 9:46
2) The First One 8:42
3) Well You Needn't 10:14
4) You Don't Know What Love Is 11:53
5) Panta Jazz 10:34
6) Epistrophy 13:11

Francesco Cafiso (alto sax), 
Sandro Gibellini (g), 
Aldo Zunino (bass).

Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz,
Rome 2006, March 19


Mark Elf Returns 2014

Mark Elf Returns 2014 album for sale by Mark Elf was released Aug 19, 2014 on the Jen Bay label. Recording information: Acoustic Sound Recording (12/16/2013). Personnel: Mark Elf (guitar); David Hazeltine (piano); Peter Washington (bass); Lewis Nash (drums). Mark Elf Returns 2014 CD music contains a single disc with 10 songs.

01. A Little Diddy 6:22
02. It Was So Beautiful 4:22
03. Jacky's Jaunt 6:55
04. Time on My Hands 4:50
05. Michellie's Mambo 5:44
06. Low Blow (Baritone Guitar) 5:39
07. Titillating 6:52
08. The Bottom Line (Baritone Guitar) 3:22
09. People Will Say We're in Love 5:59
10. The Sandy Effect 4:34

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


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John McLaughlin & 4th Dimension - The Boston Record (2014)

Not everybody goes for the note-spraying intensity of guitar star John McLaughlin's brand of electric jazz, but it's hard to deny the still-blazing virtuosity of the 72-year-old after half a century on the road, or indeed the vigour of his compositions (new pieces and old Mahavishnu Orchestra classics rub shoulders here) and the collective clout of the 4th Dimension quartet. The audience at this Boston gig, recorded last June, sounds euphoric as the band barrel their way through the fierce, fuzz-toned twister Raju, the raw blues of Little Miss Valley, the funkily riffing Hijacked, and plenty of episodes in which keyboardist Gary Husband's responsiveness mirrors and enhances the musings of his boss. Percussionist Ranjit Barot's "love and understanding" soul-vocal chant on Abbaji doesn't really go anywhere except toward the cheesy, and – as always with McLaughlin – it's rare for anything low-key to stay that way for long. But there is some evocative violin-like long-tone playing on the graceful Maharina, and the cheer that erupts when the band closes on the Mahavishnu fusion anthem You Know You Know endorses the dramatic force of the theme, and the devotion that still greets this guitar giant's work.

1. Raju 8:35
2. Little Miss Valley 9:21
3. Abbaji 6:53
4. Echos from Then 8:15
5. Senor C.S. 2:49
6. Call & Answer 9:17
7. Hijacked 4:56
8. Maharina 6:45
9. You Know You Know 6:10

John McLaughlin: guitar
Gary Husband: keyboards, drums
Etienne Mbappe: bass
Ranjit Barot: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Jimmy Ponder All Things Beautiful (1978)

01 A Clue
02 Turn
03 Love Will Find A Way
04 Chasing That Face
05 Love Me Right
06 Sometimes When We Touch (Urbie Green solo)
07 A Trip To The Stars

Arranged By, Conductor – Brad Baker
Backing Vocals – Diva Gray (tracks: A1, A2), Gordon Grody (tracks: A1, A2), Gwen Guthrie (tracks: A1, A2), Jocelyn Brown (tracks: A1, A2)
Bass – Neil Jason
Drums – Jimmy Young, Richard Crooks
Engineer – Bob Clearmountain, Don Berman
Engineer [Assistant] – Ray Willard
Guitar – Bob Rose, Jeff Mironov
Guitar [Solo] – Jimmy Ponder
Guitar, Other [Musical Supervisor] – Lance Quinn
Keyboards – Pat Rebillot, Rob Mounsey
Percussion – Jimmy Maelen
Producer – Sonny Lester
Saxophone – David Tofani, Eddie Daniels
Trombone – Barry Rogers
Trumpet – Jon Faddis, Marvin Stamm

Label: Lester Recording Catalog [LRC 9322] Vinyl, LP, Album 1978

Issues: a-g on LRC 9322
Singles: a & c on TK 905 [45], LRC (E) 905 [45].
Samplers: b also on LaserLight 17 160 [CD] titled BIRTH OF THE COOL FUNK: VINTAGE JAMS AND SERIOUS GROOVES VOLUME 2. b & e also on LaserLight 55 607 [3-CD] titled BIRTH OF THE COOL FUNK: VINTAGE JAMS AND SERIOUS GROOVES. e also on LaserLight 17 159 [CD] titled BIRTH OF THE COOL FUNK: VINTAGE JAMS AND SERIOUS GROOVES VOLUME 1. 

Ponder started playing guitar at age 14, and was heavily influenced by Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell. He began playing with Charles Earland at 17, and in the following years played with Lou Donaldson, Houston Person, Donald Byrd, Stanley Turrentine, and Jimmy McGriff. He moved to Philadelphia and later New York City in the 1970s, and recorded extensively as a leader for a number of jazz labels. Since the late 1980's Jimmy has frequently returned to his hometown to perform with his popular trio alongside two of Pittsburgh's other Jazz greats; Roger Humphries and Gene Ludwig.


Erico Pieranunzi - Live At Casa Del Jazz (2006)

01--Ein Li Milin.mp3
03--Armida's Garden.mp3
05--As never before.mp3
06--Autumn Song.mp3
07--Non posso sognarti come sei.mp3
08--Fellini's Waltz.mp3
09--Il tempo pass?.mp3
10--Se sapessi come fai.mp3
11--Winter Moon.mp3

Enrico Pieranunzi (p), 
Luca Bulgarelli (bass), Walter Paoli (drums),
Pietro Ciancaglini (bass on #1,2,5,7), 
Fabrizio Bosso (tp. flgh), 
Rosario Giuliani (contralto, soprano sax),
Ada Montellanico (voice). 

Enrico Pieranunzi (born December 5, 1949) is an Italian jazz pianist. He fuses classical technique with jazz. He has performed with, among others, Frank Rosolino, Sal Nistico, Kenny Clarke, Johnny Griffin, Chet Baker, Joey Baron, Art Farmer, Jim Hall, Marc Johnson, Lee Konitz, Phil Woods, Charlie Haden, Mads Vinding, and Billy Higgins. He issued his first LP in 1975. He has performed widely with his own group at European and American jazz festivals. He has also composed several film scores. In 2006 he started the trans alpine jazz project.



Wil Blades - Field Notes (2014)

If you can judge a person by the company he keeps, then you have to believe it when Dr. Lonnie Smith calls former protégé and fellow Hammond B3 ace Wil Blades “the future to carry on the legend, the legacy of the (B3) organ.” Blades has worked with some of the best drummers in the business, such as the late Idris Muhammad, Scott Amendola, Stanton Moore and Billy Martin, even making a record with the Medeski, Martin & Wood elite beat maker. He’s also worked with some pretty darn good guitarists, too, in Will Bernard, Charlie Hunter and Melvin Sparks. READ MORE... BY S. VICTOR AARON / somethingelsereviews.

1. Miller’s Time
2. (I Can’t Stand) The Whole Lott of You
3. Chrome
4. Dewey
5. Addis
6. Park N’ Wreck
7. Forgetful
8. Red Lanterns Are Blue
9. I Get The Blues When It Rains

Wil Blades: Hammond B3 organ, clavinet
Jeff Parker: guitar
Simon Lott: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Michael Carvin Experience - Flash Forward (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: Motema

In 2006, oft-unsung drummer Michael Carvin broke a decade-long silence as a leader on record, releasing one of the strongest dates of his career through Marsalis Music's Honor Series. Fast-forward eight years and you have Flash Forward, another quartet-based album that stands as a testament to Carvin's skills as drummer, bandleader, and musical catalyst.
Flash Forward is a fresh musical start for Carvin. It's his first release for the Motema Music imprint and the first album to feature a feisty quartet dubbed The Michael Carvin Experience. And while that appellation puts Carvin on a pedestal, rightly marking him as the man who brings it all together, it doesn't place him above or beyond his colleagues in a musical sense. He's quick to point out that the divide between leader and side man doesn't exist here; the music confirms that fact. Read more...

So What
Sayonara Blues
In Walked Bud
Same Shame
Night In Tunisia
You Go To My Head
You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Autumn Leaves

Michael Carvin, drums
Jansen Cinco: bass
Yayoi Ikawa: piano
Keith Loftis: saxophone


Fo/Mo/Deep - The Groovy Goodness (2014)


Fresh from the fusion triumph of A Beautiful Bang, Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep is poised to take listeners on another funky ride through the fun side of jazz. The Groovy Goodness -on sale June 3, 2014- does a good job maintaining that good vibe fostered... READ MORE

The Collective Fo/Mo/Deep
Ron "FatKat" Holmes: Basses
Dr. Keith Newton: Saxophones
Andre Scott: Drums
Joshua Boyd: Keyboards

Kevin Jones: Keyboards (1974 & Groidology)
N. Michael Goecke: Trombone (Groidology)
Ron Hope: Percussion (1974, Groidology, & The Price of Sugar)

01. 1974
02. Block Party
03. Groidology
04. Peach Cobbler
05. If We, Can Be? (Piano Intro)
06. As She Walked Away
07. That Song (This Love)
08. You Can Love Me Twice the Next Time
09. The Price of Suga'
10. Chamsa (a Tribute to Shimrit Shoshan)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins